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Website Optimization & Campaign Testing Services

Website Optimization & Campaign Testing Services

Typically, you’ll get the highest “hike” in conversation rates upon the initial launch of your website and digital marketing campaigns that follow conversation best practices, like we do here at Shovel Creative. However, it’s impossible to know with 100% confidence (for example) which headline will perform better, which opt-in offer will perform better, and (in the context of your website) whether or not changing call-to-actions could increase conversion rates—until these items are tested. We like to test these items with multivariate testing—testing different combinations of variables at the same time that could potentially affect the conversion rate. This practice of on-going testing is conversion rate optimization—optimizing your website and sales funnel to their fullest conversion potential.

Website Optimization & Campaign Testing services we offer:

  • Website & Landing Page Multivariate Testing
  • Facebook Ad Split Testing
  • Email Split Testing

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