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Web Design & Development Services

Web Design & Development Services

If you want to generate more leads from your website, the web design needs to go beyond just looking sleek and professional. Design by definition is art with intent. And in the case of web design, this means purposeful placement of visual elements that carefully craft and guide a web visitor to take action (or convert) on your website or landing page. This user experience (or UX) design needs to be formulated with conversion best practices in mind, which is where we play and where we play well.

We craft effective user experiences and lead generation websites by taking you through these steps:

  1. Sitemap & User Experience Mapping: We structure your website according logical steps that your target audience would take to convert to a lead.
  2. On-page SEO Strategy: We work with the sitemap from the previous step and plan out the groups of keywords that we want each page of the site to rank for.
  3. Inspiration Board: We pull together and establish stylistic inspiration—fonts, colors, textures, graphic elements, imagery, etc. that properly reflects your brand and attracts your target audience.
  4. Wireframes/Page Skeletons: We purposely map out the placement of content on each page according to conversion best practices.
  5. Copywriting/Content Creation
  6. Web Design: We design your website according to the previously approved steps—most importantly the wireframes and inspiration board.
  7. Web Development: We develop your website with “clean” code that functions properly on every device type and on every major browser.
  8. Google Analytics Set-up: We make sure that your Google Analytics account is set-up to properly to track conversions on your website.
  9. Testing & Launch: We have extensive internal checklists to insure that your site functions properly pre and post launch.
  10. Maintenance: We provide on-going maintenance packages to help keep your website updated, secure & relevant. We can also drive relevant traffic to your website and nature those leads that come in.

We’ve literally doubled conversions for clients just by applying conversion best practices while also creatively strategizing how we can heighten the experience at every step of engaging with your website. All of our website design takes place onsite at our office, here in Carlsbad, CA.

We specialize exclusively in these platforms:

  • WordPress
  • Shopify (ecommerce)

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