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Lead Management & Email Campaign Services


  1. CRM Platform Management
  2. Lead Scoring
  3. Automated Email Campaigns
  4. Cost Per Acquisition Tracking
  5. Funnel/Content Optimization

Lead Management & Email Campaigns

Upon campaign launch and optimization, as leads start to come in, we can track a complete timeline of those leads with all of the campaign touch points—i.e. how many times they went back to your website or landing page before they downloaded your lead magnet, which customer avatar they align with, and which content they engaged with most before becoming a customer. We can also set up automated, targeted email campaigns that nurture your leads and current customers. We can also begin to determine your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) or what it actually costs you to gain a customer. No more throwing marketing efforts to the wall hoping they’ll stick and not really knowing if they do. You’ll have metrics and solid proof to help strengthen campaigns and nurture current leads.