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Organic SEO & Content Strategy Services


  1. Keyword Identification & Strategy
  2. Content Calendar Creation
  3. Customer Avatar Identification
  4. Copywriting/Blogging
  5. Lead Magnet Creation
  6. Google Ranking Tracking
  7. Local Search Optimization
  8. Funnel Optimization

Organic SEO & Content Strategy

If companies rank for organic search terms, it’s usually accidentally. Roughly 70% of traffic on Google is driven by organic search. We help brands develop web pages and content around an organic SEO strategy.

We do this by…

  • Purposely writing content & blog posts that will contribute to ranking well for desired search terms
  • Considering user intent & relative topics to your target audience or customer avatar
  • Strategizing & organizing a content calendar
  • Structuring your website so that it both contributes to organic search results & also engages your target audience
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Working with the team at Shovel Creative to design a new website led to more projects because the more you work with them, the more you realize what they bring to the table. After our website was complete, we initiated several content-based projects with them. Not only are they timely and proactive, their creative flair comes shining through on the deliverables. We are thrilled with the results, and we constantly receive compliments from our members on the quality of what they deliver.

-Lori Westbay, Internet Marketing Manager at By Referral Only