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Organic SEO & Content Strategy Services

Organic SEO & Content Strategy Services

If companies rank for organic search terms, it’s usually accidentally. Roughly 70% of traffic on Google is driven by organic search. We help brands develop web pages and content around an organic SEO strategy.

We do this by…

  • Purposely writing content & blog posts that will contribute to ranking well for desired search terms
  • Considering user intent & relative topics to your target audience or customer avatar
  • Strategizing & organizing a content calendar
  • Structuring your website so that it both contributes to organic search results & also engages your target audience

Organic SEO & Content Strategy services we offer:

  • Keyword Identification & Strategy
  • Content Calendar Creation
  • Lead Magnet / Content Offer Creation
  • On-going Copywriting & Blogging
  • Keyword Position / Rank Tracking
  • Optimization for Local Search

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