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Branding & Brand Positioning Services


  1. Brand Positioning
  2. Inspiration Board
  3. Customer Avatar Identification
  4. Identity/Logo Packages
  5. Corporate Style Guides
  6. Copywriting/Content Creation
  7. Brochures/Print Collateral
  8. Trade Show Collateral
  9. Web Design & Development

Branding & Brand Positioning

We believe that every company already possesses unique traits which attract the right audiences. Thus, our job isn’t to create your brand position and branding according to what we think it should be, but to dig and discover what’s already there—roots first.

We do this by discovering & identifying…

  • Goals, passions & strengths
  • Very specific target audiences (which we use to create customer avatars)
  • Positioning in the market place compared to competitors

From this initial consult and discovery exercises, we pull together a brand positioning document which provides the framework and clarity for all design and content decisions moving forward. We also help you identify very specific campaign goals that can be easily measured and monitored through the launch and testing (optimizing) phases.