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Social Media Management Services


  1. Social Media Channel Optimization
  2. Social Media Calendar Creation
  3. Social Media Posting/Monitoring
  4. Facebook Ad Creation/Monitoring
  5. Copywriting/Blogging
  6. Infographic Design

Social Media Management

We help you determine which social media platform(s) will be best to drive traffic to your website and optimize those channels to grow and nurture your targeted following. Once your content calendar, creative assets, and website are designed and developed and your social media channels are optimized, it’s time to put them all into into action.

We write the content that we’ll be using to populate your social media channels—i.e. blog posts, landing page copy, lead magnet copy, social media post copy, etc. based on the content strategy that targets keywords and engages with your target audience. All messaging across the campaign is benefit-focused, based on addressing the challenges of your defined customer avatars (target audience). Campaign copy is written for consistency across ads, landing pages, and offers—something that Google and Facebook look for when giving ads a quality or relevance score. We also write with the “flavor” of your brand in mind—keeping with the tone and verbiage that connects best with your target audience.

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I’ve worked with Shovel Creative since 2013.  As my responsibilities within the company grew, I was able to leverage the expertise at Shovel to extend our marketing presence beyond just standard print collateral. They’ve been instrumental in helping us build our web presence, social media campaigns, and email campaigns as well as provide strategic and tactical support to build our business. Tara and her team are consummate professionals with the ability to provide whatever we’ve needed, when we’ve needed it. I can’t say enough about them!

-Tara Marchese, Corporate Director of Marketing at BiologicTx