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  • Tara

    CEO & Founder

    CEO / Creative Strategist.
    Graphic Designer.
    Guitar want-to-be-better player.
    Rock climber.
    Happy camper.
    Former Michigander.
    Elevator fearer.

  • Gina

    Project Manager

  • Allen

    Digital Strategist

    Project Manager.
    Orange-Theory Fanatic-er.
    Vinyasa flow-er.
    Trader Joes Connoisseur.
    Book reader.
    Escalator fearer.

  • Steve

    Senior Web Developer

    Senior Web Developer.
    Cliff Hiker.
    New Yorker.
    Dirtbike Rider.
    Fast Thinker.
    Craft Drinker.
    Beach Lover.
    Snooze Hitter.
    CSS Hacker.

  • Sumner

    Senior Graphic Designer

    Senior Graphic Designer.
    Brand maker.
    Donut Eater.
    Beer chugger.
    Envelope pusher.
    Gym goer.
    Piano player.
    Self deprecator.
    Bicycle commuter.

Our Values:

Cultivating Growth


In this world of media overload, simple user experiences are what will ultimately engage your customers more quickly and convert into leads and sales. We dig deep with our clients to uncover a central theme for their project which then provides a focus to which all design and functionality decisions are held accountable… thus creating the most simple, effective user experience possible.


Our clients know their businesses (much) better than we do. So in order for a project to be successful, we need transparent and honest feedback from our clients every step of the way. We also believe in constant back and forth communication. Is something not looking or feeling right to you? To us? It’s time to speak up (always with kindness, of course).


We get it done. Fast turn-around times are important to today’s businesses. When asked when they need it by, often times our clients will jokingly say “yesterday”. And though our budget does not currently allow for time machine invention, we do take deadlines seriously and work hard to bend with our clients’ hard-pressed schedules. We also work pro-actively—letting our clients know when they need to have feedback to us in order to keep their projects on track and the momentum going. We ask clients to commit to this timely feedback before the project begins.


What our clients purchase, they own. Upon request, we will provide original files if our clients have the desire to make their own revisions in the future (pending they have the appropriate software to do so). We also believe in giving our clients the freedom to edit their own web content through built-in content management systems and develop sites on platforms that are widely known by the development community (super important for down-the-road maintenance if our clients would ever choose not to work with us or hire a developer in-house). We also want our clients to own their own domain names and hosting subscriptions so that no “hostage” situations ever have the potential to occur (we’ve seen it happen many times, and it gets ugly). We also believe in honest, transparent communication throughout a project both with our clients and internally.


Without it, it’s just work. Creativity and imagination cannot survive within a “work” mentality. So we have fun. We joke around. Between the puns, laughs, and witty commentary, we do a good job of keeping the vibe light-hearted.


We all have bad things happen to us—however, we get to choose how we want to respond. And we believe negativity only fosters more negativity. So if we don’t have something nice to say, we don’t say it at all (unless it’s valid critique for a project—that is always welcomed).

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