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ZMOT Auto, a marketing agency catered to automotive dealerships, partnered with Shovel Creative to create a new website that properly targets dealership owners and managers with easy-to-find services and content. The look of the site needed to be masculine and flashy enough to attract these personality types while also being simple and easy to navigate (i.e., these people don’t have time to waste on not finding what they’re looking for). ZMOT also prides themselves on using their own dealerships as an “incubator” to test their marketing tactics. This is their unique dealer to dealer brand position that we heavily needed to convey.


Upon entering the site, a soundless, action-packed video plays with their key differentiator as the first message you see—”Dealer To Dealer”. This then leads a visitor to view the services of the company (which we built the majority of the site around) or view their brand video. Either way, the visitor now knows what ZMOT does within 3 seconds and is driven to take action to find out more. The services section is laid out in a large grid that allows the visitor to easily find what they’re looking for. Overall, this is a very slick site that visually and functionally caters to ZMOT’s target audience.


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