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By Tara Kester

Have you ever had a great meeting with your creative team and then, after getting their initial designs and layouts back, you thought “this is not what I asked for AT ALL”? I sure have. It’s a very frustrating and helpless feeling—like when you’re trying to talk or scream in a dream, and nothing comes out of your mouth. Though I’m usually on the other side of the table when it comes to receiving initial designs and layouts, I have had to communicate ideas to past freelancers or in-house team who then had to design those ideas. And it’s definitely frustrating when I get something back which is not at all what I had asked for (or so I thought). Through the years, I’ve learned a few strategies for optimizing teamwork and getting my creative team to read my mind and how to read our clients’. Watch this video below as I explain these 3 strategies so that you can use them with your creative team (graphic designer, web developer, etc.) as well.



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About the Author

Tara Kester

Tara Kester

A graphic designer and digital marketer by trade, Tara (Brouwer) Kester started Shovel Creative in 2010 out of a passion for good design and customer service. To scale upon her core values of never leaving a client hanging or missing a deadline, her very first hire was a project manager. Since starting Shovel, Tara’s passion has extended to data and psychology-driven design—design that is proven and tested to connect with its audience and drive leads and sales. She is also committed to leadership and supporting her team. Tara has worked with high-profile brands such as Sony Online, Lexus, Pantone, Activision, THQ, and Warren Miller. For fun, she enjoys being outdoors by way of rock climbing, hiking, camping, and the occasional surf session. She also enjoys singing and playing her guitar.

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