The SaltFacial

Brand Identity, Collateral Design & Website Development


In the crowded beauty industry, standing out is challenge number one, two, and three. Every brand wants to position itself as the one true path to youth, health, and vitality. Our client, Med-Aesthetic Solutions, developed a truly unique spa facial treatment system that utilizes pure sea salt. Shovel’s challenge was to create branding, B to B marketing collateral, and a website to educate consumers, establish credibility and authority, and ultimately make the SaltFacial system a staple of any spa who knows what’s what.



In B to B marketing, the emphasis often falls more on the side of informing than advertising. Spa owners who consider purchasing the SaltFacial system are more interested in the product’s functionality than hearing focus group-tested slogans… which isn’t to say good branding goes out the window. The website and collateral we created are simultaneously information-rich and visually appealing. And while clearly presenting the SaltFacial system’s process and results, we made sure to push its key differentiator (salt) front and center.


• Brand Identity
• Collateral Design
• Website Design
• WordPress Development
• Project Management

"To the whole team at Shovel: You all are GREAT! Don’t know where we would be without you. You did an outstanding job on this, and I look forward to much more work to come from us. Thanks again." —Allan, CEO of The SaltFacial/Med-Aesthetics

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