Microsoft Gets In the Game with Project Spartan

Lauren Mosteller

By Lauren Mosteller

Congratulations to Microsoft—they are getting in front of the mess called Internet Explorer with the creation of an entirely new browser system which (supposedly) won’t make our knuckles turn white. Earlier this year Microsoft announced a new browser project, code named Spartan. Spartan boasts innovative and cutting edge features that may even pique the curiosity of loyal Mac users.


“Forked” from IE’s Trident operating system, Spartan’s new rendering engine is a slimmer version of Trident. Much of the arbitrary and messy code removed, the Spartan browser will not be compatible with sites built for the legacy browser Internet Explorer. Rumor has it Microsoft hopes to actually fade out the dinosaur known as Internet Explorer— known for its error-prone, slow operating system and lack of extensions. Sound too good to be true? IE’s retirement will take some time—the general public is slow to embrace change, and thousands upon thousands of sites would need a backend facelift to be compatible with the Spartan browser due to the removal of the legacy Trident code. Simply said, web developers have a new checklist to abide by.


Check out some of Spartan’s cool new interface features:


Annotate the Web

How many times have we read an article and wanted to share just one part with a friend? With touchpad capabilities, MS Spartan allows direct annotations to articles on the web. Notes can then sync to OneDrive for later sharing. Type questions/comments in specific places and share said sections with friends, family, and co-workers.


Siri’s Got Competition
Have you met Cortana, Microsoft’s answer to Siri? Cortana is a voice command software, aka digital assistant, that will allow users to make quicker decisions and find information easier on the web. Dinner reservations, movie times, hours of operation—like Siri, Cortana has the answers to all the arbitrary questions you want. The kicker here is: Cortana is available on desktop, whereas Siri is only available on mobile.


Reading Mode
Ads and pop-ups got you distracted? Read in peace with Spartan’s “reading mode”. Although Apple beat Microsoft to the punch on this one, Spartan will host a download feature for offline reading. No wifi? No excuses!


Hopefully Spartan will be the warrior Microsoft claims it to be. A Microsoft summit meeting in April 2015 promises more announcements regarding Project Spartan and the Windows 10 launch. Stay tuned techy peeps, and all you IE users, stay patient!





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