Get More Leads: Your Story Alone Doesn’t Matter—Here’s What Does

Tara Kester

By Tara Kester

I saw an Uggs ad recently… the line of copy went something like “Shop Our Story”. I immediately thought “why would I want to shop your story?” I don’t get it. In the last few years, the idea of telling one’s “story” has become all the buzz and rage in the marketing and advertising world. Maybe it’s because people like to talk about themselves. But talking about yourself without asking questions and trying to get to know the other person in the conversation is typically unattractive (if you’ve ever been on a date with this type of person, you know what I mean).


In the world of hard data and statistics, a long story doesn’t typically convert the reader into a lead. People don’t care about your story unless it relates to them. At Shovel, we want to know our clients’ stories—only because it’s through these stories that we can relate to and solve their clients’ needs and desires. If you can sum up in 1 to 2 lines of copy how your story relates to your prospect clients’ stories and how, then, you can solve their problem because you too understand it—that’s gold.


Your Story, About, Mission Statement, Management Bios (though could be critical pages for a professional services firm) are web pages that Tim Ash, CEO of SiteTuners (and author of the best selling book Landing Page Optimization) would call “non-mission critical pages” on your website. Though these pages are a great place for people to learn about your background and establish some credibility, the content here is typically not going to light a fire to get someone to take action in becoming a lead. Why? Because these pages aren’t about them. So what are the most important web pages which should you focus attention on to get more leads? Think of the pages and content that your prospect customers would want to see before taking action. These pages include:


The Homepage

Though people may land on other pages of your website through Google searches or pay per click campaigns, your homepage will almost always continue to get the most traffic. This page needs to convey within 3 seconds “What’s in it for me (the web visitor)”. Again it’s not about your story, but about how your story relates to the web visitor’s story.


Product / Benefits / Features

These pages need to give enough information to prompt the web visitor into taking the next step (adding a product to the cart, filling out a form to get more info, etc.), but not too much information that the visitor feels overwhelmed. Again—continue to stress the benefits for the web visitor.


Check out / Sign Up / Register / etc.

The end-goal-conversion-action on your website should have a lot of attention paid to it. After all—a ton of work and thought went into getting the visitor to this page in the first place. For example, be sure to ask for enough information to be able to contact this person and continue on with your sales process and potentially qualify them as a lead, but not too much information that the visitor, again, feels overwhelmed or violated of his/her privacy.


Top Keyword Search Entry Pages

You can find out within your Google Analytics dashboard which interior pages of your site are getting the most traffic via search results on Google (or other search engines). If web visitors are landing on these pages anyway, it’s important to focus special attention on the layout of these pages to prompt this web traffic to the next step in becoming a lead. Find out which key words being searched are bringing this traffic to these page(s) on your website. If someone lands on your page because of a particular key word being searched, but doesn’t find the content he/she is looking for, they will exit your site immediately, causing your bounce rate to skyrocket.


As you’re potentially wanting to make updates to your website or are considering a complete overhaul, again, always be thinking along the way “How does my story relate to my prospects’ stories? What’s in it for them?”.


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About the Author

Tara Kester

Tara Kester

A graphic designer and digital marketer by trade, Tara (Brouwer) Kester started Shovel Creative in 2010 out of a passion for good design and customer service. To scale upon her core values of never leaving a client hanging or missing a deadline, her very first hire was a project manager. Since starting Shovel, Tara’s passion has extended to data and psychology-driven design—design that is proven and tested to connect with its audience and drive leads and sales. She is also committed to leadership and supporting her team. Tara has worked with high-profile brands such as Sony Online, Lexus, Pantone, Activision, THQ, and Warren Miller. For fun, she enjoys being outdoors by way of rock climbing, hiking, camping, and the occasional surf session. She also enjoys singing and playing her guitar.

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