Lauren Mosteller

By Lauren Mosteller

Here at Shovel Creative, of course we are thankful for our health, the never-ending sunshine, our friends and family and pets. We are thankful for the world we live in, our careers and “living the good life”. We are also thankful for these things below–they bring smiles to our faces ever day. Happy Thanksgiving from the Shovel Creative team–we hope that you too find beauty in the little things.




Shovel Creative is a graphic design and web development agency dedicated to creating attractive and effective print and web materials, specifically focused on conversion and lead generation. To learn more about our process and how to work together, please contact us here.

About the Author

Lauren Mosteller

Lauren Mosteller

Lauren is the Project Manager at Shovel Creative. She has been managing teams and projects for 4+ years and has an innate ability to communicate effectively as well as multi-task. Lauren's optimistic personality combined with keen leadership skills allow her to enjoy the hustle and bustle of time management. Lauren graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 2012, majoring in Communication and Sociology. In her free time, Lauren enjoys getting her sweat on at Orange Theory Fitness, weekend adventures with her husband and friends, and the scrumptious combination of wine and cheese.

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